Cuba is the most disconnected country in our hemisphere. Only 400K people can visit the Web unrestricted, whereas 2,6M can only send and receive emails. We built Apretaste, a platform to access the web via email, and we offer web over email to more than 35K people in Cuba. Among our services are wikipedia, medical library, weather forecast, social network, news and much more.

We invite you to change the life of thousands of Cubans, by creating new web apps over email. Put your favorite websites to work via email, contribute to create an international impact and use your skills to set online those who never had experienced the internet before.

Please visit our official website at:

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Judging Criteria

  • Design
    Is the application polished, visually appealing, and easy to use?
  • Usability
    Can the solution be applied in low bandwidth territories?
  • Impact
    Is the application compelling and/or indispensable? How many people will be affected by its usage.
  • Relevance to mission
    How well does the application carries our mission of offering free internet in Cuba?
  • Long term value
    Would the concept work long-term? For how long would Cubans benefit from its usage?
  • Effective usage of the platform
    Does the application take advantage of the unique functionality offered by the platform?

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